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    "Making Stable Corporation

    Through the Responsibility Management"

     SMI Technology

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          ㅡ SMI Technology

                 ㆍ TEL : 82-55-313-9882

                 ㆍ FAX : 82-55-313-9886


                 ㆍE-Mail : sales@smitechnology.com


    Anti Static (Electrofree)


    The Latest Synthetic Manufacture System Able to Manufacture High-precision, High-quality Products on the Basis of Accumulated Know-hows and High-tech Technology.


    we, always pursuing cutting-edge technology and making an effort to develop new possibility of film technology, do our best to maintain manufacture technology and quality control system on the basis of know-hows.

    Our design technology of coating film and viscosity film, meeting with a favorable review in many areas from printing materials to industrial, is a coating techonology and cutting process technology accumulated for many years' experiences.

    All of us, on the basis of the technology, take a task (film coating) meeting customer demands.


    Our company establishes systems to inspire animation into the products by using top-level development technology to manufacture products, competitive, satisfactory to customers, and meeting high-quality demand.

    Our team is in the center of research&development in technology laboratory.

    We take an action to many demands of customers' with high-degree coating.

    Anytime we are available to your inquiry.

         Contact us without hesitation.

    We enforce entrusted businesses as followings under a confidence maintenance contract.

    OEM Process

    Request → discussion → NDA contract → skill discussion →  Table Test → Reproducibility Test → Evaluation and final decision after discussions → Mass production start


    < Special strong point >


    Coating technology available by 0.5μm

    Trial test with A4 size sheet

    Quality management system based on international standard ISO9001 acquisition

    Various test and technical service from our laboratory

    Main Facility


    Coating Width : Maximum 1700mm (depends on coating method

    Coating Features : Comma, Gravure, Micro-gravure

    Coating Thicknesds : Minimum 0.5 / μ.m Maximum 40 μm

    Processing Speed : 10m/minute ~ Maximum 60m/minute (it's restricted by all conditions)

    The others : 8 chamber + UV curing chamber, Corona processing system

    *Clean Room Class (Indoor 1000 / Slitting 100 / Coater 100/)

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