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  • Manufacturing Line
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    "Making Stable Corporation

    Through the Responsibility Management"

     SMI Technology

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          ㅡ SMI Technology

                 ㆍ TEL : 82-55-313-9882

                 ㆍ FAX : 82-55-313-9886


                 ㆍE-Mail : sales@smitechnology.com


    Order Information

    How To Order

    Inform us product names, product sizes & quantities including your company information.

    Then we send a proforma invoice to you.


    FAX : +82-55-313-9882 / E-MAIL : kyounga@smitechnology.com 


    Payment in Advanced T/T or L/C Basis

    About more information, please, directly contact to us.

    TEL : +82-55-313-9883 / E-MAIL : kyounga@smitechnology.com 

    Delivery Time

    After we find your receipt of remittance for goods, the shipment takes about 3weeks to Busan Port.

    The transit time is depends on by regional groups.


    We are able to produce non-standard products.

    In this case, we need your guarantee of the minimum order quantities.

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